Mortgages for Adverse Credit


Mortgages for Adverse Credit

Mortgages for Adverse Credit

As with all credit rating renewal strategies, start out by going through the steps above for a credit card strategy, but instead of applying for cards, you’re looking for a mortgage.

We do have lenders who specialise in people with CCJs, arrears problems, or no certification of salary level. If you are prepared to pay for it, there are several companies who will accommodate you for a mortgage, despite every setback you can imagine.

You will need a deposit (in real money), and be in a position to carry through the project for at least seven years, at which time you can swap financiers with no questions asked, and probably get better terms.

The point is that a penalty rated mortgage (because that’s how it works) is a heavy way to fight back on a credit rating. If you get it wrong you are worse off than before.

On the positive side, however, if you are accepted for a mortgage, then the providers of other forms of credit (overdrafts, loans, credit cards) swiftly ignore your past.

Get into a mortgage, even with a bad credit rating, online

You may think you’ve blown your mortgage prospects forever, but hold the phone! Click on this button, fill in the form and who knows, you may look more like Snow White than a Wicked Sister to some lender out there . . . don’t forget to tick any boxes that ask you if you have an adverse rating. It will speed the process up, no end.